Flowtron FC 8800

September 2017 Sophia User Reviews

Total Score: 8.7

Quality Score: 8

Warranty Score: 8

Value Score: 10

At the time of review this product was priced at $19.99. The Flowtron FC 8800 is one of our highest ratings. 120 watts uv lure power covers one.

Top quality. Removable accumulation tray. Industrial size electronic flying insect killer, furthermore recommended for outdoor residential areas. 4 amps with a 67" power cord.

Mounts vertical or horizontally. 200 sqft indoors. 360 degree protection. Unit measures 12" x 12" x 27" constructed of high-impact outdoor grade plastic, featuring chrome plated grid.

Glow-tube, glo-panel reflector for maximum catch as well as increased attractiveness to insects. The best value. Control night flying insect up to two acres. 1 year LTD warranty.

Ac powered killing grid generates 5, 600 volts, 2. It is definately worth the price. Equipped with ultraviolet uv lights as an an attractant, the most successful for attracting a wide range of flying insects. Can't go wrong with it.

Most people who purchased this product thought: "Awesome product. Works great. Great price! " This product may qualify for free shipping on eBay.

Additional Product Information

List Price: $324.99

Sale Price: $19.99

UPC: 026713088005

EAN: 0100012655752


Manufacturer: Flowtron

Brand: Flowtron

Model: FC 8800

Part Number: FC-8800

Package Quantity: 1

Product Type: Outdoor Living

Product Group: Lawn & Patio


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